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We serve you the wild catches from the uncultured and non-polluted reef and ocean waters, providing the best taste with freshness. Our sea food menu contains some of the finest dishes of lobsters, crabs, prawns and not to mention the fishes.

The jewel among the fishes is the ‘Coral Trout’ which is exclusively served by ‘The Hook’ in your region. We have also deviated from the traditional way of procuring sea food through the vendors. After all, we care for your taste buds and health. For this reason, we do not serve Basa and cultured sole fish.


In our times, isn’t it hard to find something fresh to eat, something which is not processed? ‘The Hook’ is proud to bring back the traditional way of eating – The Paleo diet. It consists of everything which does not come in a packet, well most of them at least. The Paleo Diet focuses on providing you the essential nutrients minus the wasteful calories.

We prepare our every delicacy with the utmost care about its health benefits. The result is that whatever you are eating in here doesn’t only taste delicious, it is also healthy. That is why we call our meals healthylicious. With the fresh fish and the Paleo diet for the health conscious, we have everything for everyone.